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If you cannot make my in-studio classes, I hope you will join me LIVE for my classes via Zoom. All in-studio classes are LIVE streamed so you can feel like you are right there with me and others to stay encouraged and motivated to achieve your fitness goals. I will check in with you on the screen periodically in case you have questions or need help with an exercise.


For only $35 a month, you will have access to unlimited online classes with no yearly commitment. If you sign up for a class and cannot make your Zoom meeting, the recording will be emailed to you for you to do on your own time. Zoom classes can be done anywhere and on any device - phone, ipad, or computer. Stay on track if you are out of town or even at home with your children. See below on how to sign up.

Hope to see you soon!


  1.  Purchase your virtual monthly membership on Vagaro (the App used for purchasing and booking your class) You can download the app on your device for faster access.

  2. Book the classes you want to attend by clicking Sign Up on Vagaro.

  3. New clients will need to fill out a Release of Liability Form and email to

  4. Sign up for a Zoom Account and download the Zoom App on the device you will use to watch the LIVE classes (see Zoom tutorial below).

  5. You will receive a meeting code for access to the live class via text or email the night before/morning of.

  6. 5 minutes prior to the start of class, go to your Zoom app, click "Join Meeting" and enter your meeting code to join the Live Virtual class (see below for suggested equipment).



Suggested Equipment

Here are my suggestions for the equipment I will use throughout the Virtual classes. You can purchase these on Amazon or your local sports store.

  • Yoga Mat or carpeted area

  • Light Weights (1-4 lbs)

  • Heavier Weights (5-15lbs)

  • Excercise Band (Theraband)

  • Pilates Mini Exercise Ball

  • Dining Chair (for barre exercises)

Class Descriptions

     All classes will provide modifications for all fitness levels and accommodate everyone’s “degree of injury.”  Every class can be performed at your own pace.  My “core philosophy” is to never do the same choreography for workouts each week. With upbeat and fun music along with a variety of movement, you will not experience exercise boredom.

Body Sculpt:  A workout that tones the entire body using a set of dumbbells in a choreographed series.  Depending on your needs and goals, this class can be done with no dumbbells to heavy weights (hypertrophy).  Alignment and form will be the main focus of the class.

Pilates Flow:  Based on the traditional principles from Joseph Pilates, this workout on the Mat awakens the mind-body connection building core strength, posture alignment, and flexibility.  Exercise bands will be used periodically throughout classes.

Barre Fusion:  Using the traditional ballet barre*, this contemporary class elongates and strengthens the muscles by combining Pilates and Ballet.  Feel like you have two left feet? Don’t worry! This workout has high repetition to perfect your movement over time. *a chair can be substituted for virtual classes

Balance Barre:  Using the same style as Barre Fusion, this class will challenge the body to find your inner strength to improve balance and coordination. Exercises will include mat core work, balance poses and dynamic body movements.

Cardio at the Barre:  An upbeat class kicking our Barre workout into high gear.  Push past the excuses of quitting and condition your heart and body in this non-stop endurance training. This class will be a mix-up of fun dance cardio, barre technique and mat Pilates exercises.

Tabata + Core: Originating from Dr. Izumi Tabata, this Japanese scientist found in his study that a short high intensity workout has better results for the cardiovascular system. To warm up the body for the class, we will start with core exercises on the mat. To follow the traditional Tabata concepts, each exercise will be 20 seconds long with 10 seconds of rest in between. The focus is to move as fast as your body can to set your own goals.

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